These are the sites that I like. You should visit them because.... yeah, just visit them.
This comic is awsome! It is about Old Skool heroes, like old Mario and Mega Man and your old NES favourites! Really worth your time!
This is another 8-Bit comic, thus the name "8-Bit Theater". It stars the heroes of Final Fantasy I, including Fighter, Black Mage, White Mage, and Thief! For RPGers and other people, a great comic!
Seriously, probably the most insane comic on the web. And it has great humor aswell! This comic may not make sense at times, which makes people come back for more! (It's true)
This is probably one of my favorite comics. It stars a Calvin rip-off, his friend Monique, God and his hand puppets and Satan. This comic has sex, swearing, drugs, so therefore, lives up to it's name!
Our brother site Reset is about two guys that have tweaked their super nintendo to be able to enter it's games and leave them as they please. Awsome comic and great guys.
That's my Sonic. A sick, twisted version of how Sonic is. Pretty damn funny though :)
Life of Wily: MegaMan is as MegaMan does.
Life of Wily and Bob And George, two awsome comics that really deserve your viewing. The story of Megaman on his battle with doctor Wily and his robot master.






























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