Name: Kain Sill
Age: 25
Place of Birth: Seloe Valley
Weapon: Two-handed Blade
Decription: The star of Save Point, Kain is a hero. He bases his life on the way of a hero. He can kill random people if he has to, he can pick up random strangers and let them join his team, and save the world. Kain's past is not well known, all that is known is that he has a long lost brother.

Name: Crystal Diama
Age: 23
Place of Birth: Quaint Village
Weapon: Diamond Dagger
Description: Crystal is Romantic Interest #1. She met Kain whilst he visited Quaint Village. She dislikes Evil Empire Corp, for they're the Evil Empire of the comic. She dissapeared shortly after Kain died.

Name: Annoying Traveler
Age: 19
Place of Birth: ???
Weapon: His Personality
Description: (actual description) A lonely traveler with a heart of gold. Traveling with nothing but his past, this man looks for people in need.(my description) Total loser. This guy always comes and finds ways to piss people off.

Name: Lina John
Age: 24
Place of Birth: Mount Fiere
Weapon: Magic Bomb
Description: Lina is a general of an army base outside in the wilderness, and she is also Romantic Interest #2. She likes killing things for fun, and plans to fund an army with a little wilderness store. Lina has a kind of short temper and sometimes blows up everything in her way.

Good Guys - Heroes
Bad Guys - Villains

Name: Emperor
Age: ???
Place of Birth: ???
Weapon: Magic Glove
Description: The leader of Evil Empire Corp, and the bringer of evil in most places. He shows no real respect to any of his employs, and has Craig as his personal gopher.

Name: Craig Rell
Age: 27
Place of Birth: ???

Weapon: Daggers
Description:The Emperor's personal gopher. This guy put the ass back in assistant. Craig follows the Emperor's orders, but doesn't like him. He disagrees with Emperor, but doesn't seize to suck up to him. He personally hates the empire's blood hounds, the K.

Name: The K - Kilroy, Kathy, Katrina, Kasey.
Age: 22, 22, 22, 21
Place Of Birth: Melater
Weapon: Laser Gun Arm,Guns.
Description: The Empire's
tracking team, the K are the people that hunt down unwanted obstacles. The
only problem is they're drunk psychopaths. Leader Kilroy got his arm bitten off by a monkey after trying to make friends with him.

Neutral Guys - Losers

Name: Arkon Nion
Age: 122045
Place of Birth:
Quaint Village

Weapon: Rifle
Description: Arkon, the rooster leader of the army in the woods. He seems to like Kain, but still threatens to kill him if he doesn't cooperate with them. Arkon wants Kain to kill Pacman --with ulterior motives.

Name: Sword
Age: 27
Weapon: Samurai Sword.
Description: Sword is probably the glue that holds the team together. ... Actually, he's just the guy that constantly is dissing everyone else. Sword is a ninja of the highest order, and he was recently assigned to retrieve Kain from the army base. He hates people that ask dumb questions.

Name: Evil Tree and Bush
Place Of Birth: Heaven and Hell?
Weapon : Tree's Schemes
Description: Opposite brothers, Evil Tree is an incarnation of evil, and Bush is an incarnation of good. Evil Tree tricks people into falling to their deaths, ans Bush tries to warn people of danger. Sword ripped off his flowers at one point (kinda symbolic, huh?).























































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