Looks like I'll have to go on an ADVENTURE LIKE NO OTHER!
I just like to watch you act like a moron.
No, let's just go back and tell them we didn't find anything! That'll piss 'em off.

No, we want to be able to kill things without getting arrested!





1 / January / 1901

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May 11th
Hey everyone, 'sup... I am gonna explain what
the hell is happening with the updates. I had tons of
months ready in the auto update, but those got wiped out.
I figured I'd put them back on, but I lost lot's of em on my
computer, so I re-wrote them. Anyway, now if my computer
updated 'em correctly, they should be fine...

In other news, Reset is gonna be wrapping it up.
TDC is sadly gonna end it on May 28th in a
three part episode. Everyone be sure to
go check it out.

I wanna thank everyone for putting up with
these updates. It's a pain for me aswell...

-- Jon

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